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Jigme – A film for our times

The movie tackles a burning issue – drug addiction – with a realistic yet sensitive touch Review:  It is this, the art of filmmaking, indeed.  In an age when films are made not with any social purpose but to eke an easy living out of it, Kencho Wangdi (Bonz) has a lesson or two to […]

A malady called rural-urban migration Part IV

Undoubtedly, the proliferation of the malaise called “Goongtong” in the Eastern dzongkhags has been mainly caused by: Wildlife predation and, Youth abandoning village homes in search of better livelihood. However, there appears to be a number of other players that aggravate the problem further. They can be identified as:   Zhabto Lemi/Goongdung Woola Poor access […]

America pivots south, to India. Could Bhutan be next?

Bhutan might not yet be on a U.S. president’s agenda but a much anticipated return visit to India earlier this week by U.S. President Barack Obama may signify that South Asia is, like Southeast Asia, finally getting some well-deserved U.S. attention as part of the so-called American rebalance – or what was once known as […]

18-man national squad selected

A monthly salary of Nu 10,000 a month will be paid only to those not on federation scholarships Football: The Bhutan Football Federation (BFF) has selected an 18-man new national football squad, some of who will be paid a monthly salary of Nu 10,000. The technical director, Chokey Nima, read the names of the players […]

Picture story

The Bhutan Archery Federation trained 19 sports and physical education instructors in Olympic style archery from different schools in Trashigang. The program is aimed at training youth for international competition.      

Rehab first, detox later

The fight against substance abuse begins with prioritising between the two facilities Drug: The absence of a national detoxification centre may weaken Bhutan’s fight against the growing issue of substance abuse, but without a rehabilitation centre, the country is unarmed to even begin the fight. To address the increasing cases of relapse among drugs users […]

Haa judge to preside over lhakhang Karpo corruption trial

No conflict of interest says Supreme Court Judiciary: The Haa district court judge will preside over the lhakhang Karpo case after the Supreme Court Chief Justice gave the green signal in an order that will be dispatched today. Chief Justice Tshering Wangchuk in his order said that there is no need for the judge to […]

Youth head for bars …. not for a drink but for a cause

Advocacy: At a time when youth are being blamed for alcohol-related problems, seven youth have initiated an awareness programme targeting the source of alcohol. Go Youth Go is on, what they call, a pleading campaign, where they visit bars in the capital city and advocate responsible alcohol business and consumption. “Youth are branded as alcoholics […]

Marginal food loss due to storage, say officials

The damage, counter to what agriculture officers claim, is around one percent FCB: Despite storing food in warehouses that were built decades ago, and contrary to what agriculture officials said, food loss due to storage issues is insignificant, according to Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) officials. For instance, FCB officials said, of the total 1,991.70 […]

Too much chop and change

I’s an expressway!  No, it’s an urban road network.  Wait, It was a road link, but now it will be an expressway. Confusing?  Yes.  But more confusing are the decisions authorities take to ensure the 6.2-kilometre long double lane Babesa-Thimphu road is safe for motorists and pedestrians. In the latest development, at least in planning […]

Babesa road to revert to expressway

The speed bumps/zebra crossings will give way to pedestrian underpasses Thromde: In a move that may surprise many, Thimphu thromde will reconvert the Babesa road into an expressway, by removing the recently constructed speed bumps, which also served as zebra crossings, and replacing them with pedestrian underpasses. The thromde plans to initially construct four pedestrian […]

From impaired to instructor

An inspiring story of a young boy coming up trumps despite being given a bad deal Profile: Dorji Nedup is an instructor at Draktsho Vocational Training Centre for Special Children and Youth in Thimphu.  From Goshing in Zhemgang, the thirty-five-year-old is visually impaired. Dorji lost his vision when he was 14.  He woke up one […]

Women, chief beneficiaries of electrification

Sengor’s micro hydel project transforms their lives infinitely for the better Power: When a home gets power supply, it empowers women.  That’s what happened in Sengor chiwog in Saling, Mongar when a micro hydropower plant (MHP) was built eight years ago. It reduced the burden on women of gathering firewood, particularly during winters, when the […]