Phub Dem | Haa

In the wake of increasing Covid-19 cases in the country, Haa dzongkhag restricted visitors from going to Rangtse nye and postponed its Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) session.

According to Haa DT chairperson Thinley, the annual DT was deferred as a measure to minimise public gathering.

He said it was risky as the dzongkhag shares a close border with Paro, Thimphu, Phuentsholing, and Samtse.

There is no rush in grocery stores and other commercial hubs. People are tending their fields in silos, and some have gathered at Jenkakha in Yathang to conduct a ritual for Ap Chundu.

Officiating Dzongdag Phurba Wangdi said that there was no restriction on sports and other activities within the dzongkhag. However, he said that the dzongkhag administration did not allow gatherings and events that involve people coming from other dzongkhags. “Haa would function as a containment zone.”

The administration stopped a group of people visiting Haa for a two-day programme over the weekend.

He said that considering the involvement of some officials from Thimphu during the DT, it was deferred. “The dzongkhag is also waiting for the official joining of its new dzongdag.”

With the increasing number of people visiting Rangtse Nye in Sombaykha drungkhag every day, Phurba Wangdi said that the dzongkhag decided to close the nye for the public until further notice.

Sombaykha drungkhag issued a notification restricting pilgrims from visiting the Nye yesterday due to increasing cases of Covid-19 in Thimphu and Paro.

In the meantime, Paro dzongkhag has alerted the public to remain vigilant and follow safety protocol with the report of a primary contact in the dzongkhag.

Officiating Paro Dzongdag Kinley Gyeltshen said that the dzongkhag did not impose any separate restriction on games and sports but issued a notification on April 19 to abide by the health safety protocol strictly.

It states that people should avoid public gatherings, use the Druk Trace app at all times and use facemasks.

He said that de-suups and police were patrolling around the town area as some people did not use facemask after vaccination. “People are cautious, and there is no crowd so far.”

Wangchen Dema, who stays at Paro, said that there was no panic buying and crowd compared to last time. “With effective essential delivery services, we do not have to worry about the rations.”