Chimi Dema | Tsirang

Although used only a few weeks ago, the new automated biochemistry analyzer machine in Tsirang dzongkhag hospital is benefitting people.

Health officials say the new medical laboratory machine accommodates more samples and provide faster and accurate blood test results and benefits not only the patients but also technicians and other officials who conduct the test.

The hospital’s laboratory officer, Tshewang Dorji, said when precise laboratory reports are produced, it helps patients to get timely medicine and better treatment. “It also helps to reduce the turn around time for patients.”

He also said the machine enhances service delivery as well as saves time. “But a proper study needs to be conducted to understand its benefit better.”

Tshewang Dorji explained that the semi-auto photometer, which the hospital used for the blood test in the past, could conduct only a few blood test compacts in a day, thus consuming more time. “But with this new machine in place, the hospital collects more than 150 samples of blood in a day, accommodating about 50 at a time and taking around half an hour to produce the results.”  

Meanwhile, the health ministry provided the machine to nine other hospitals in the country.

The machines were installed on ‘reagent rental system’, where the ministry buys reagents from the machine’s company and the company bears machine’s cost as well as other maintenance charges.

Equipped with the facility to conduct 28 parameters of the blood test, the machine is expected to improve the diagnosis services and treatment services for patients.