Aviation: The Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) has asked the national airline to submit a report on the incident concerning the de-boarding of a passenger on September 27.

BCAA director, Wangdi Gyaltshen said that the authority had not officially received any report regarding the incident from Drukair. He said that as the passenger was de-boarded for safety reasons, an occurrence report should have been submitted.

The two airlines are required to submit reports when incidents concerning serious safety concerns arise.

He said that in turn the BCAA is required to submit a report to the government. He added that the basis for Drukair’s decisions that day will reviewed.

The director said that while the authority was aware of the incident, it was only because of information posted on social media. He added that if the information is factual then it is “concerning” and “alarming” and that the authority is taking the matter seriously.

However, regarding the captain’s decision to de-board the passenger, Wangdi Gyaltshen said that the BCAA has found upon inspection of international aviation regulations that he acted in compliance with rules and regulations. The director said that the captain perceived safety concerns and therefore made a decision.

“As far as BCAA is concerned, his actions were not out of the box,” Wangdi Gyaltshen said.

However, the BCAA will only be investigating the safety concerns arising that day and determining if any future course of actions are required.

It is unlikely to be investigating the specific points of conflict between the airline and the passenger’s family.

The passenger was de-boarded after some passengers complained of a strong smell being emitted as a result of medical conditions. The passenger was on his way to Bangkok for medical treatment. While the captain of the flight attempted to convince the complainants to keep the passenger on board, he was unable to obtain a consensus among passengers to keep the passenger on board and de-boarded the passenger.

Gyalsten K Dorji