… dzongkhag officials say maintenance would be done soon

Neten Dorji | Rangjung

Poor roads and unmanaged drainage has made life difficult for residents of Rangjung satellite town in Trashigang. Those residents who are along the internal roads are most frustrated with dust.

Residents said there were no efforts to maintain the road.  Every year, with the onset of monsoon, the potholes fill with mud water. When it does not rain, the roads get covered with dust.

“Whenever it rains, the drainage overflows and the lower part of the town is waterlogged,” said a businessman, Phub Tshering. “It has been more than 15 years since we had this problem but the concerned authorities have done nothing.”

He said, when heavy vehicles ply on the road, everything is covered in dust.

Some said that there was no maintenance work carried out so far despite approaching municipal officials.

Besides the potholes, concrete slabs that cover the drains are also missing in numerous areas and threatening the safety of pedestrians.  “They are completely neglected. Pedestrians might end up with serious injuries,” said another resident, Chimi Dorji.

A mother of four, Norbu Zangmo said, “Most of the locals living near the roads are suffering from respiratory diseases due to excessive dust.”

Another shopkeeper, Anita Acharja used to sprinkle water on dusty roads every day but it doesn’t make much difference. “We cannot get rid of the dust even though we sprinkle water daily,” she said.

Without maintenance, people hardly took ownership of the infrastructure.

Trashigang Dzongrab Gom, Wangchuk Dorji said that the dzongkhag administration did not neglect the satellite town.  “Till date, we have been providing basic amenities and improving the roads,” he said.  “With fund support from Small Development Programme (SDP), we are going to improve the internal roads and the drainage system soon.”

He said the roads in the town starting from the bridge would be blacktopped. The SDP supported Nu 41.7 million for improvement of road, drainage system and other basic amenities.

Dzongkhag officials said, without adequate budget the maintenance work has been delayed.

Meanwhile, the parking space and drainage system in Trashigang town will also be improved.