Kinley Tshering

Thinley Namgay  

Bhutan Archery Federation (BAF) organised the first indoor virtual archery tournament between Bhutan and SEISA Japan.

The two-day tournament, part of world archery event, ended yesterday.

The tournament was conducted using  Zoom where players and officials from the two countries could view the score and archers shooting. 

A total of 13 Bhutanese and 10 Japanese recurve archers participated in the tournament in a 18-metre indoor range.

Of the 13 Bhutanese, two were para archers—Pema Rigsel and Tenzin Choewang.

A 29-year-old Kinley Tshering scored the highest points (1,161) in the competition out of 1,200 points. 

The participants shot 120 arrows in 40 rounds.

Lam Dorji scored 1,140 points, followed by Sonam Dema and Pema Rigsel with 1,117 and 1,115 points, respectively.

“I am glad that I set a new record,” said Kinley Tshering.

BAF’s programme officer, Pema Zangmo, said that such tournaments motivate the archers to stay active and competitive. “Bhutan Archery Federation will host more such events in the future.”

The pandemic, Pema Zangmo said, affected Bhutan’s participation in the international tournaments. 

This is the fourth time BAF has organised an online competition amid Covid-19.

In the previous competition with Japanese, in August, archer Karma set her new record. She scored 656 points out of 720 points.