The fire that broke out above Bajo town in Wangdue on April 3 was contained yesterday evening at around 5:30pm.

An official with the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) said the volunteers had been fighting the fire since April 3.

“Community people informed the Gups after the fire near Mata Lungchoe that had entered the broadleaved area re-started around 2:00am yesterday,” an official said.

The fire had spread near Phangyul Goenpa. Fire brigades were deployed to contain the fire. By night time, fire brigade was deployed near Chhundu Goenpa.

According to officials, the fire damaged about 1,300 acres of forest.

A DDM official said: “Although the fire is now under control, there are chances of it restarting due to the wind.”

The fire is being monitored at the moment, he added.

Fire lines were created to stop the fire from spreading towards human settlements. Water bags were also used to help contain the fire.

Over 250 people, including DeSuups, Royal Bhutan Army, Punatsangchhu officials, forestry officials, and community people, were involved in containing the fire.

Difficult terrain, wind direction and inaccessibility were some of the challenges faced by the volunteers.

The fire is suspected to have started from waste burning above the Bajo town.

Staff Reporter