Maintenance: Bajo residents could look forward to a smooth ride soon with the municipality securing the funds and all set to award the maintenance works.

For almost two years, commuters and residents traveling to Wangdue have been plying the dusty pothole ridden road.

Municipal engineer Sangay Lhamo said the problem would be resolved soon as they have received a budget of Nu 3.5M for maintenance of road in and around Bajo town.

She said they have started the tendering and evaluation of contract documents, and would award the work before the end of this month.

The road connecting to Bajo town was developed in 2012, and the road within the core town was maintained last year.

While officials attribute the road condition to increasing number of vehicles, mostly heavy vehicles plying daily in and out of Bajo town, residents blame road quality and officials for failure to monitor. A resident said the concerned authorities should impose strict rules on truckers carrying muck and stones in heavy vehicles plying through the town road.

Municipal officials said usually maintenance budget are small, which means the works last for only about a year.