SIDE: Olakha is one of the fast-developing areas in Thimphu with many people renting apartments. The neighbourhood is growing by the day.

Tshering Zangmo, 38, lives in a three-bedroom apartment with her family.

Although she lives comfortably in her apartment, she hasn’t been able to pursue her love for gardening. There is hardly any space available.

But she has managed to take her love for gardening to a whole new level this spring. She has started growing vegetables on her balcony.


“The idea came when I was reading articles on the Internet. I was surprised to see so many people growing vegetables in their balcony,” Tshering said. “I decided to give a shot.”

After buying a few potted plants of various sizes, Tshering has planted coriander, garlic, mint, onion and lettuce.

“I wanted to start with something simple. If it is successful, then I’m going to plant tomatoes, strawberries and chilies,” she added. “What better way to eat fresh vegetables straight from one’s balcony!”

Tshering has kept these pots on the windowsills and on her balcony among her flowerpots.

However, Pema Lhamo, 41, is an expert when it came to growing vegetables on balcony. She has been living in Canberra in Australia for the past two years.

“Since we don’t have much space to do gardening here, my friends and I have started planting a few vegetables and chilies since I arrived,” Pema said. “The vegetables seem to grow well because of the warm weather. I miss the hot chilies of Bhutan, though.”

Thinley Zangmo


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