In the tenth day of the national basketball B-league, team Nordics continued its winning streak after defeating Team Stampede (103-55) at the swimming pool indoor stadium, Thimphu yesterday.

Nordics secured the highest score (177-69) in the league against team Ravens in the previous game.

However, the loss is the second continuous defeat for Stampedes in the league. Stampedes lost to Zhomes (80-29) on December 22.

The match between the two saw Sonam Kinga of Nordic winning the highest rebound for the second time for his team. With a score of 37 points, his teammate Karma Singye won the highest points.

Stampede players could not stop the strong Nordics from scoring. Towards the end of the final quarter, team Nordics gave its young opponents a scoring chance.

Karma Singye of team Nordic said the team expects to win the league.

The game between Charos and Zilukha Falcons was equally contested. With Zilukha Falcons opening the score, the game looked good for the team. However, Charos capitalised the game with Kinley Wangdi collecting maximum rebounds. Team Charos won the match (56-42).

The teams shared the record of equal steal with both teams winning four steals.

Team Torjans defeated team AF (43-25) and team Doros defeated Anonymous (38-25) yesterday.

In the last game of the day, Spartans disappointed the Shooters 64-54. Shooters’ win over Miracles (49-23) in an earlier game on December 24, ended in the hand of Spartans.

A Bhutan Basketball Federation official, Dechen Dorji said, that the performance of the team that was relegated from A-league was good. “Three teams with a potential to win the league are Drukpas, Jumpers, and Calibers.”

In the womens’ category, Rebels defeated Black Mamba (45-27) to secure second win of the league. Rebels defeated Taras (23-21) in the previous game.  Of the three games played, the team has won two and suffered a loss to team BOC.

There are 38 men and six women’s team taking part in the league that began on December 16. Two teams – Drukpas and Calibres are also competing in the league to qualify for the A-league after its relegation.

Each team paid an entry fee of Nu 5,000 to play the league. Drukpas proved its experience of playing in higher division league, as the team is one of the undefeated to date. Two qualifying teams from the league will receive a fund support of Nu 10,000 each to play in the A-league.