… the shocking video of a man beating another man in monk robes went viral on social media 

Choki Wangmo 

Dagana police have forwarded the case of a 23-year-old man who allegedly battered 43-year-old lay monk on the morning of February 23 in Dagapela to the Dagana dzongkhag court.

In the video which made rounds on social media, the culprit, Rinchen Norbu was seen physically harassing and threatening to kill the victim, Tshewang Rinzin, who was lying helplessly on the road.

Neighbours said that Tshewang Rinzin from Gangzur-Maed chiwog in Tsendagang gewog, after his morning breakfast went to watch a khuru match and met the culprit near a shop with his dog in Tashiding. “Tshewang Rinzin was drunk and wanted to hitchhike back home. He asked Rinchen Norbu’s help but was refused,” said an eye witness.

The victim then kicked Rinchen Norbu’s dog. It infuriated Rinchen Norbu who then started bashing the lay monk. A few bystanders were seen watching the violence.

Rinchen Norbu from Kurtoed gewog in Lhuentse came to Dagana with his brother, a Khenpo in Sham Dolay chiwog.

In the video, Rinchen Norbu said that Sangay Penjor would meet the same fate as Tshewang Rinzin. It was found that Sangay Penjor and the victim were neighbours and close friends. Worried, Sangay Penjor filed a report against Rinchen Norbu with the police yesterday.

“I live alone and fear for my safety. I have nothing against Rinchen Norbu and his family,” he said.

Sangay Penjor alleged that as his name was mentioned in the video, the police handcuffed him around midnight on February 23. “I was at Tshewang Rinzin’s house as he was sick. But the police said that I had the same voice as the culprit. My phone was also confiscated,” he claimed.

The police arrested Rinchen Norbu from his brother’s house on the same night. The culprit reportedly confessed to battering the victim without reason. He also confessed that he recorded the incident and later shared the video in a social media group, from where it was re-shared to other media.

It was found that the police used Sangay Penjor to arrest the actual culprit. Police officials said that the case is still under investigation.