Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

Bhutan Development Bank’s (BDB) branch office in Pemagatshel is providing banking services door-to-door in the gewogs.

The two teams escorted by the De-Suups started the doorstep banking service from Zobel gewog on August 19.

The BDB covered four gewogs—Zobel, Dungmaed, Khar, and Yurung gewogs and provided banking services to about 62 people with the total transaction of Nu 15,35,050 until yesterday.

The BDB manager, Yeshey Jamtsho, said the bank provided service to 34 people in Zobel gewog.

He said that people withdrew Nu 223,000 and deposited Nu 320,000. Four clients in Yurung gewog availed the service amounting to Nu 394,500.

He said that the staff from the gewog field office (GFO) in Yurung were deployed to Khar and Dungmaed gewogs to provide cash withdrawals and deposits to those needy people in the villages yesterday.

The manager said that the bank provided the banking service to about eight clients in Khar gewog and withdrew Nu 49,000 while about 16 people availed the service in Dungmaed gewog. They withdrew Nu 105,700 and deposited Nu 442,850. “We go to the respective places with the escorts to provide the banking services.”

Yeshey Jamtsho said the bank is providing the doorstep-banking service to make it convenient for people as they faced challenges to pay for essential items delivered to their homes. “Most of our clients are illiterate and also to keep essential banking light.”

Leki Zangmo, 49, from Zobel, said that she had spent whatever cash she had to buy rations and other essential items for the family. “I was worried as we cannot go to the bank to withdraw some money because of the lockdown.”

“We are indeed delighted for the banking service provided by the BDB during such a critical situation, as I do not have to worry about rationing for my family,” Leki Zanmo said.

Meanwhile, BoB manager Deepak Khati said they provided the services to the people of Shumar gewog. He said that 147 clients withdrew around Nu 1.6M.

“People are so happy with the service that our clients in Zobel gewog have invited us to provide them with the service. We’ll visit them on Monday.”