Sherub Lhamo

A week after bears attacked Sharman Rai causing serious injuries to his face, the 39-year-old was discharged from the hospital in Haa yesterday.

He underwent multiple surgeries for the injuries. The victim suffered several facial injuries and lacerations and was bleeding profusely. He also sustained minor injuries on his arms and legs.    

His wife said that his face has been successfully reconstructed and that the patient is now in a stable condition.

The man from Samtse, a logger with the Natural Resources Development Corporation Ltd in Samar Gewog, was heading to work around 3.30pm when he was attacked by two bears.

He was admitted to the emergency room at the Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT) hospital in Haa.

According to sources, it was found that the victim suffered from life-threatening facial injuries including frontal face bone fractures and was at the risk of developing meningitis and septic shock. His sugar level was high too.

The victim went through facial reconstructive surgery that took five hours.

This is the second mauling case recorded with the IMTRAT hospital.