Civil servants, corporate and regional office employees and residents of Trongsa town will dedicate every Friday afternoon to beautify the town.

A consultation meeting between the dzongkhag and other relevant stakeholders was held last month, where six groups were formed. Team leaders of the group should submit a quarterly progress report and attendance to the dzongkhag.

Trongsa dzongdag, Tenzin Dorji, said the initiative was taken to make people aware of the importance of keeping one’s area clean and beautiful.

“Till now we have focused on the basic only but we need to add value on the place we live,” he said.

He said the groups would maintain all the potholes, drainage, landscaping of their allocated areas. “The groups have to plan what kind of works they would do in the area and submit it to the dzongkhag for review and approval.”

The dzongkhag is planning to make greenhouse to plant ornamental flowers to be distributed in the future.

The breast walls in the locality would be decorated with native plant and species, hedge plantation and creepers.

During the consultation meeting, a discussion was also made on the scope of floriculture business for private individuals.

The dzongkhag planning officer, Phuntsho Rinzin, said Trongsa is centrally located and the area needs to be maintained to set an example and also attract tourist.

More than 5,000 people, including local people, visited Trongsa till July.

Nim Dorji | Trongsa