Football: A five-day FIFA GK Intermediate Course began at the Changjiji ground yesterday to train goalkeeper coaches on the technical and tactical aspects during the game.

Jose Carpio, FIFA/AFC goalkeeping instructor from the Philippines, is training 26 participants, including district football focal persons and coaches from A-division clubs in Thimphu.

Carpio said that the training will teach the coaches how to coach their goalkeepers and to make coaching more realistic during games from the perspective of a goalkeeper.

“They can help their goalkeepers perform better by improving their techniques and tactics which they can use during the game and coordinate better with the team,” said Carpio.

Since most of the participants already have level-I goalkeeping training experience, it is easier to work with them, said Carpio. “They are very receptive. They are willing to learn and are open to new ideas.”

The participants are trained both in theory and practical sessions to help them understand better and to put lessons into use.

One of the participants, Kinzang Wangchuk, said that the training is very important to produce quality goalies in the country. “The main focus is on goalkeeper here. Specific techniques to improve performance of a goalkeeper is taught, which I think is a very crucial in games.”

Thimphu’s focal person, Tenzin Phuentsho, said that if such trainings are conducted every year, the quality of the game will improve drastically and young people will benefit the most from the training.

Programme Coordinator Ngawang Dhendup said that since there are not many goalkeeper coaches in the country, the training will help improve the quality of the goalies in the future.

He said that the focal persons will be responsible for imparting knowledge gained during the training to the youth once they go back.

The training is organised by the Bhutan Football Federation and FIFA.

By Younten Tshedup