Thinley Namgay

To ease the financial burden to football clubs amid Covid-19 pandemic, the Bhutan Football Federation (BFF) has granted Nu 2 million each to the eight clubs competing in the BoB Bhutan Premier League (BPL), yesterday in Thimphu.

The eight clubs are Paro FC, Thimphu City FC, Transport United FC, Ugyen Academy FC, High Quality United FC, Tensung FC, Paro United FC, and Druk Stars FC.

BFF also granted an additional grant of Nu 100,000 each to the top four clubs from previous year- Paro FC, Thimphu City FC, Transport United FC, and Ugyen Academy FC. The grant, according to a press release from the BFF, is allocated to pay salaries to players and coaches and also to reduce pressure on the Kidu fund of the government.

“Since most of the club owners are business-driven entities which have been affected by the Covid-19, BFF felt that it was a crucial time for more financial support.”

BFF President Ugen Tsechup said that BFF would support the clubs since they play a pivotal role in developing football and footballers, especially for the national team.

The BFF press release also stated that it was important for the federation to conduct the BPL. “Most of the funding and revenue of the clubs solely depend on BPL, which includes grants, prize money and sponsorship. The league also employs referees since their income mainly depends on the tournaments.”

BFF and the football clubs employed more than 1,000 people as of now.