Thinley Namgay   

The Bhutan Football Federation (BFF) is yet to take disciplinary action regarding the recent confrontation between the players of Paro Rinpung FC and the referee during the game between Paro Rinpung FC and the Thimphu City FC at the ongoing BoB Bhutan Premier League at the Woochu Sports Arena in Paro.       

BFF’s competition officer, Kinley Dorji, said that the federation would take the action soon. “We are discussing the issue.”  

Although Thimphu City FC won the game 5-0, many questioned the City’s first two goals, sportsmanship of Rinpung players and the decision of the referee.  

The referee, AFC’s elite referees from Bhutan, refused to comment.   

The atmosphere at the ground changed in the 23rd minute of the game when City was awarded a penalty by the referee. Rinpung players confronted the referee stating that the decision was unfair. One of the Rinpung players was given the red card.

City’s Dawa Tshering scored the goal.    

Paro Rinpung FC’s president, Passang, said: “That penalty was unfair. People can watch the highlights of the game online.”

Rinpung FC continued the game with 10 players. A confrontation occurred between the players of Rinpung FC and the referee again in the 32nd minute of the game when the City’s Adrian Garcia headed and scored the goal.

Rinpung players claimed that Adrian Garcia was offside. The disagreement resulted in a red card for another Rinpung player. 

Passang said the referee  should be professional.