In what could be a major boost in adopting efficient quality management system to save time and cost, Bhutan Hydropower Service Limited (BHSL) received an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification.

This comes four years after BHSL’s operationalization.

BHSL’s chief executive officer, Thinley Dorji, said the certification would help the company to gain recognition in the regional and international markets in terms of providing the services.

BHSL is working towards meeting the hydro-mechanical component requirement within the country. “BHSL is at par with any reputed similar service providers outside and within Bhutan,” he said.

BHSL also expects to benefit from a number of other marketing opportunities and the ability to provide quality service.

Thinly Dorji said as per investment plan, BHSL is expected to cater to the services of the existing hydropower plants under operation and also expected to take up repairing or reclamation of underwater components from the new projects.

He said that the service requirements of all the existing hydropower plants in Bhutan are met as of now but it is not able to load the machines and equipment to the optimum as expected.

“Based on the MoU signed between Druk Green Power Corporation and GE-Alstom, BHSL is in the process of skills development and enhancement to undertake manufacturing of hydro-runners and other electromechanical components,” he said.

The expansion of BHSL is expected to support the country’s economy by addressing the current account deficit to some extent. Today, a major chunk of the country’s import is attributed to the construction of hydropower projects and a huge amount is spent on importing hydro-mechanical equipment.

The chief executive officer said the company’s main objective is to develop human resources and acquiring technical know-how for the process involved in the reclamation of hydro runners, hard coating and associated underwater components and repair or rewinding of electric motors.

He said workload for hydropower service centre was expected to come from existing, ongoing and new hydropower projects, but obtaining works from ongoing and new hydropower projects may take time.

“Manufacturing of runner is yet to be started with the existing set-up and manpower.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang