Staff Reporter

Bhutan and the Federal Republic of Germany have established diplomatic relations yesterday. 

The Exchange of Verbale Notes on the establishment of diplomatic relations took place between Ambassador of Bhutan to India Maj. Gen. V. Namgyel, and  Ambassador of Germany to India Walter J. Lindner at the Royal Bhutanese Embassy in New Delhi, India. 

At the Exchange of Verbale Notes ceremony, the two ambassadors exchanged views on areas of mutual cooperation and expressed the desire of their governments to cooperate closely in areas of mutual benefit. With the establishment of diplomatic relations, the two Ambassadors expressed the desire to further deepen the friendship and cooperation between the two countries, according to a press release from the foreign ministry. 

Even in absence of diplomatic relations, Germany had been supporting Bhutan’s socio-economic development since the 1970s. 

More significantly, Bhutan continues to receive support from the European Union of which Germany is the largest contributor to the Union’s budget. People-to-people contacts between Bhutan and Germany have also increased over the years. 

With the establishment of diplomatic relations with Germany, Bhutan now has diplomatic relations with 53 countries and the European Union.