Art: To celebrate the rich heritage of Indian and Bhutanese art and culture and to learn from each other, a group of 10 artists came together in Paro during a five-day art camp that ended Saturday.

Five artists from each country interacted and collaborated on creating works of art. Their works were shown during the last day at the Voluntary Artists’ Studio in Thimphu studio.

Budding to veteran artists came together to discuss various topics ranging from how they define an art to how can art play a role as a social critic in a society during the last day.

VAST founder, Azha Kama, said the art camp is a programme that aims to build cultural awareness and positive cultural relations between the two countries by providing a common platform for artists to come together, interact, inspire each other and expand the scope of their own art form.

“The exchange of ideas during artistic collaboration not only stimulated the creative environment but also helped in maintaining a continuous and harmonious interaction between the two countries. The art camp hopes to strengthen the existing, uniquely close and mutually beneficial relationship with the two countries,” Azha Kama said.

The art camp is a part of an India-Bhutan cultural exchange programme that is jointly organised by Ritinjali and the Centre for Escalation of Peace, New Delhi, the Royal Office for Media, VAST and the India-Bhutan Foundation in Thimphu.

The organisers said that India and Bhutan share a cultural lineage and that this programme is also a great opportunity for the artists to rediscover a shared history and a chance to work upon a shared vision for the future.

The artwork they produce could further be used as inspiration for aspiring artists and also serve as an example for bilateral efforts in the field of arts, Azha Kama said.

The cultural exchange programme will continue in India next month with the same artists from the two countries.

Thinley Zangmo