Chhimi Dema

A human resource (HR) management system called HR Station, developed by a team of Bhutanese IT professionals, finds local and international markets.

The system, developed by Zealous Systems Private Limited, is being used by 10 local companies and an international company in Kenya, Africa.

The system was launched in 2019.

HR Station provides HR services such as employee profile; payroll and attendance; it captures travel and expense; leave and overtime management; project deadlines and appraisal management, among others.

It also generates reports based on the HR metrics and Key Performance Indicators.

 Another feature is software based on the company’s requirements. For example, Bhutan’s tax system is integrated with a local company.

The team leader, Tashi Tobgay, said that the system caters to the HR management needs and is cost-effective since it is hosted on Cloud without having to procure system hardware.

There is also a mobile application for easy accessibility to the system.

Tashi Tobgay said that the HR Station digitalises the HR department in a company and records details from an employee’s recruitment to their salary and benefits when they retire. It also provides real-time information and business analytics instantly.

Tashi Tobgay said that the system helps in increasing efficiency and productivity in HR.

According to the team leader, the company is currently working with a Bangladeshi company to integrate the HR Station into their company. 

Zealous established a branch office in Bangladesh this year.

Tashi Tobgay said that the team is going to Dubai next month to set up another branch.  “There are many opportunities for growth and innovation in the IT sector given we build a strong team and work hard.”

Tashi Tobgay said that Zealous has no access to the system. “The customer can lock the system and change the credentials based on their needs. Zealous provides only technical support remotely.”

Currently, the company is working on launching Buy and Sell BT, an online shopping platform.