Dr Pandup Tshering (right) hands over the equipment to JDWNRH medical superintendent Dr Gongsar Pemba yesterday

Bhutan Foundation donates equipment to health ministry

Bhutan Foundation donated medical equipment and resources worth Nu 1.8 million to the health ministry yesterday.

The donated resources include training manuals and equipment like adult, child, and neonatal mannequins that can be used for training in resuscitation, intubation, and birth simulations.

The training equipment will be distributed to the national referral hospital in Thimphu, regional referral hospitals in Mongar and Gelephu.

Director general of the department of medical services, Dr Pandup Tshering, said Bhutan Foundation has helped the health sector in the country in terms of capacity building of health professionals in the last couple of years.

“I am confident that the equipment will further improve the quality of training provided to the health officials in the country,” Dr Pandup Tshering said.

Bhutan Foundation’s executive director, Tshewang Wangchuk, said the Bhutan Foundation has been working closely with health ministry and emergency department with the national referral hospital to improve the delivery of emergency medical services in Bhutan.

Bhutan Foundation, since 2009, has been involved in training more than 200 doctors and nurses in emergency trauma care, some 146 taxi drivers and 30 nuns to be first responders, and 23 ambulance drivers in advanced wilderness first aid.

In addition, 38 doctors and nurses have been certified as local trainers to continue emergency medical trainings in the country.

Tshewang Wangchuk said the donation of equipment and resources are a part of the foundation’s ongoing programme to improve emergency medical services in Bhutan in partnership with the health ministry’s Emergency Medical Services Division and the national referral hospital.

“We will continue to further partner with the ministry and the national referral hospital to improve emergency medical services in Bhutan.”

The foundation has granted Nu 40 million for trainings and equipment to help build capacity of health professionals in Bhutan till date.

Dechen Tshomo

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  1. William Hale
    William Hale says:

    I am a friend and student of Bhutan. I founded the 360-member group “The Last Shangri-la – Bhutan.” There is also a much smaller service-focused group as well.

    I have been building friendships with many new Bhutanese friends over the last 2 months. I cannot even begin to gather all the stories and postings and pictures and videos shared with me. I am humbled as I count the number of offers for transportation, lodging, food and other help when I travel to Yonphula and Shazam.

    My fiancee is a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse. We have been following the story and funding for the new “Bhutan Emergency Aeromedical Rescue (BEAR)” service. My fiancee has made a connection with new friend who works at National Referral Hospital. We are investing in our research.

    This is linked in with some simple service work and planning a trip. My finacee and I are keenly interested in learning about healthcare in Bhutan, and perhaps finding ways we might be able to help. This article was encouraging because it is in he realm of education, and that is simply the most essential requirement.

    We are curious to learn if there are any current opportunities for foreigners to provide service work as a gift during trips to Bhutan. if we are already going to be there for a time, we can surely make it a priority to help however we can.

    I was excited to find this article, and will share it right away.

    This is good news, indeed. :-)

    ~ Bill

    ❤️ ??


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