The national women cricket team suffered a bitter farewell at the hand of Thailand yesterday during the final match of the ASEAN Women’s T20 open tournament.

Bhutan had the chance of finishing among the top three teams with a total of three points after playing four matches. At the finals, Thailand defeated Bhutan by eight wickets.

Bhutan won the toss and elected to bat first. The national cricket team suffered all out by the end of 13 overs. The tournament was of 20 overs. Bhutan won 16 runs at the end of the first innings.

Thailand needed 17 runs to win and the former secured the required runs within two overs. Twelve runs of Nattya Boochatham and two runs from Nannapat Khoncharoenkai gave Thailand a comfortable eight wickets win at the Thailand Cricket ground.

With the same decision at the opening match, the national cricket team entered the tournament with a nine-runs win over higher ranked team of Hongkong on March 6.

Bhutan set the run target at 88 runs for Hongkong to win the match. However, the latter could secure 79 runs at the end of second innings. The win over Hongkong was the only win for the national cricket team.

Bhutan lost to Indonesia by four wickets in the second game. Its third match against Malaysia was abandoned and both teams won a point each. The decision helped Bhutan increase the table point by one. Bhutan’s point in the table was three then, and was at the fourth from the six participating teams.

Bhutan faced Tanzania for the first time at the fourth game of the tournament on March 11. Tanzania elected to bat first after winning the toss and secured 92 runs at the end of first innings. Bhutan secured 50 runs with all the wickets falling out by the end of 19 overs.

The national women cricket team played their first international match at the ACC Women’s T20 championship in 2009.The host team from Thailand remains on the top with zero loss followed by Tanzania. Top two teams will play the finals of the series on March 14.