Report: Bhutan presented its eighth and ninth combined periodic report to the Committee on the Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) on October 27 at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland, according to a foreign affairs press release.

The Bhutanese delegation was led by Ambassador Kinga Singye, Permanent Representative of Bhutan to the United Nations and other international organisations in Geneva.

The delegation comprised of representatives from the Secretariat of the National Commission for Women and Children, and other relevant agencies including the judiciary, the Office of the Attorney General, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In his presentation of Bhutan’s report, Ambassador Kinga Singye highlighted the progress as well as the challenges faced by Bhutan in the implementation of the Convention. The CEDAW Committee commended Bhutan for the strong political will and the progress made since the last review and urged the government to take further steps to address areas where gaps exist.

“The consideration of Bhutan’s report by the committee was held in a very frank and constructive environment,” the press release says. During this session, the committee is considering the reports of eleven other countries.

Bhutan ratified the CEDAW in August 1981. It presented its seventh periodic report to the committee in July 2009. As a state party to the Convention, Bhutan has to submit periodic reports to the committee every four years. The CEDAW committee is an independent treaty body to monitor implementation of the convention by state parties.

Staff reporter