Staff Reporter

Bhutan Space Week (BSW) 2021 began yesterday with the launch of a children’s book on space, space animation series on BBS II , and space quiz on Instagram.

BSW is an annual week-long space promotion, outreach and education event, which was initiated last year to commemorate the 40th birth anniversary of His Majesty The King.

According to the press release from the Department of IT and Telecom under information and communications ministry, virtual activities were planned to observe the week due to limitations on physical gathering.

BBS would broadcast a space-themed animation series consisting of seven episodes.

“The animation series will cover topics such as Constellations and Astronomy; The Moon; Spacecraft and Space Exploration; The Universe; The Solar System; Satellites and their Applications; and Distances in Space,” stated the press release.

A new episode of the animation will be broadcast on BBS II at 8:30pm from February 17 to 23.

A children’s book on space called The Little Astronaut, Dawa’s Journey to Space was distributed to all primary schools, READ Bhutan Centres and WellReadBhutan’s free open libraries, and Circle of Ripples’ free open libraries across Bhutan.

The Instagram Space Quiz will consist of 56 questions posted on BSW’s Instagram story at 6pm.  The winning participants will be rewarded with giveaway hampers containing BSW souvenirs.

Before the space week, a logo design open competition was held.

The press release stated that 175 submissions were received and, Sherub Loday, a 17-year-old student from Zhemgang won the competition.

The winning logo was declared the official logo of BSW and shall be used for all present and future BSW events.