Japan’s SEISA Group to assist Bhutan in preparations

Olympics: A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) and SEISA Group of Japan yesterday, according to a BOC press release.

The MoU was signed by HRH Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, Representative of His Majesty and the president of BOC, and Yasuo Miyazawa, founder and CEO of SEISA.

The MoU is intended to support the preparation and participation of Bhutanese athletes and coaches in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games. The partnership will also extend beyond the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic games with a focus on the development of Bhutanese athletes and coaches in various sporting disciplines. In addition, SEISA will also assist the BOC in establishing a Paralympic committee, in order for Bhutan to participate in the Paralympic games in Tokyo 2020, for the first time ever.

“Taking into consideration the potential of the sports to qualify for Tokyo 2020, we have identified a few sports, disciplines, where our Japanese partners can assist us. It is a very good opportunity for our athletes as they will be training at state of the art sporting infrastructures, under expert coaches,” said BOC secretary general Sonam Karma Tshering.

The SEISA group will offer scholarships, training and exchange programmes for coaches and athletes. The BOC secretary general stated that the signing of the MoU would help the development of Bhutanese athletes and coaches.

“The BOC is very fortunate to have partners such as SEISA and will do everything in its capacity to ensure that our athletes and coaches benefit from this opportunity,” Sonam Karma Tshering said.

During the signing, officials from SEISA reiterated that the SEISA group would devote itself to assisting the BOC with its vision and goals, not only till the Tokyo 2020 Olympics but beyond that.

Yasuo Miyazawa stated that SEISA had already ear marked funds to support BOC’s future plans. “This sports partnership between our two organisations shall endure beyond 2020 and must contribute to the development of sports in Bhutan and the healthy development of youth in Bhutan, as well as, strengthen the already strong bonds that exist between the people of Bhutan and Japan,” said Yasuo Miyazawa.

SEISA group was established by Yasuo Miyazawa in 1972.  Yasuo Miyazawa has previously  contributed to Bhutan through the Bhutan-Yokohama Friendship Association, Foundation for Global Children and SEISA University of the SEISA group.

Staff reporter