Dechen Dolkar

A group of 34 international tourists will arrive in the country on April 2.

They will be in ​the ​country for 27 nights, including ​a quarantine​ period​. They are from America, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, and France.

This will be the first large group of tourists visiting the country after almost three years. In March 2020, the entry of tourists in the country was suspended after detecting ​the ​first Covid-19 cases in the country.

The group will have to undergo 14-days of facility quarantine since the five-days quarantine guideline will come into effect only on April 4.

Tourists will ​be ​coordinated by Sacred Himalaya Travel. Tourists will be visiting till Bumthang.

The owner of Sacred Himalaya Travel, Tshetem Norbu, said that they are all Buddhists and they came to visit Bhutan for retreat and meditation.

He said that there will be not much interaction with the public and it will be in containment mode. “Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) will also monitor.”

According to TCB policy, ten tourists are guided ​by one tour guide.

Tshetem Norbu said that for this group, tourists would be guided by two tour guides and one co-ordinator.

However, tourists will not have to pay sustainable development fees (SDF) during the quarantine period.   

Tshetem Norbu said that however they are not given large ​groups and more number of days visit discount like before.

​The tour operator said that the tourists have agreed to undergo ​a ​14-days mandatory ​facility ​quarantine.

Last year Bhutan received only one tourist with the mandatory 21-day facility quarantine.

They will depart on April 29.