Training: More than 200 Bhutanese alumni took part in the 2015-16 Indian Technical Economic Cooperation (ITEC) day celebrations at the Indian embassy in Thimphu yesterday.

The alumni are the recipients of various trainings under the ITEC programme initiated by the Indian government in 1964. The training includes sharing of experiences, transfer of technology and capacity building.

More than 800 Bhutanese from both the government and private sectors in the country have availed the training programme under two schemes of ITEC and Technical Cooperation Scheme (TCS) of the Colombo Plan from 2012-2015.

A press release from the Indian embassy stated that the knowledge and experiences gained through numerous training programmes under ITEC, would enable India to further share its experiences with the Bhutanese and also help enhance its human resource in a more innovative and effective manner.

Younten Tshedup