Award: The executive director of the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN), Dr Kinley Tenzin, was honoured as one of the “50 Most Impactful Green Leaders” during the sixth edition of The World CSR Day held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai, India on February 18.

Global Green Future Summit and Leadership Awards endorsed the award.

According to a press release, 50 global leaders that are passionate and committed to bringing social change were recognised with the award in light of their extraordinary work and achievements.

The award recipients where chosen from a pool of global green leaders.

“The criteria for the award were energy conservation and efficiency, waste reduction, recycling and responsible disposal, exemplary leadership, assistance and substantial support in response to one or more environmental emergencies and effective leadership and participation in creating awareness on environmental issues in humanitarian action,” states the press release.

Dr Kinley Tenzin began his career as an assistant forest research officer at the Research and Development Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests in 1998. In 2003, he was appointed as a forest research programme officer. He also served as the national counterpart to an international project funded by Boku University, Austria, the same university from where he obtained his PHD degree in 2008.

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