Staff Reporter

A Bhutanese, working as a food delivery driver in Perth, was sprayed with a hose for being late with a KFC order.

The incident occurred at Freemantle, one of the suburbs in Perth, on the night of September 2.

The incident was reported in Australian television and online media after the abuser posted a video of the incident. The audio-visual news about the incident has been circulating in social media groups and has gone viral at home.

In the video footage of the abuse, the Bhutanese known as Karma Thinley, who is a father of three was sprayed with water by the customer. He doesn’t retaliate instead he apologises.

The video has generated a huge backlash from fellow Australians on social media, many encouraging Karma Thinley to sue the abuser. If the matter goes to court, the abuser could go to jail and even be imposed a hefty for the crime.

Australian media also reported that the food delivery app that he used to order his dinner from KFC, Menulog has banned him for life.

A source said that Karma has not filed a complaint to the Association of Bhutanese in Perth Ltd. Kuensel also learnt that a donation drive is underway to help him.