The man is a support staff of Damphu Central School

Update: A support staff of Damphu Central School in Tsirang has been reported missing since January 23 in Bangkok.

Harka Bahadur Subba, 39, a cook with two other support staff and seven teachers of the school are in Bangkok for a school agriculture programme study tour.

The group was supposed to return to the country today.

The ambassador of Bhutan to Thailand, Tshewang C Dorji, said the embassy was informed about the incident on January 23 and they immediately filed a missing persons case with the police.

“We are in touch with police here and the principal of the school, who is the group leader,” the ambassador said. “There is nothing the embassy can do, except work with the police and ask for updates.”

Ambassador Tshewang C Dorji said without any leads, it is difficult to look for the missing person.

He also said the group members told embassy officials that the cook exited the hotel early in the morning last Monday and when he didn’t return in the evening, they got worried.

The Bangkok Post newspaper reported that the missing person was a teacher and that he was last spotted on CCTV footage walking along Bangkok’s Khlong Lod around 8pm on January 25.

Media outlets in Bangkok also reported that since Harka Bahadur Subba can’t speak English, local people couldn’t render help to him.

Education officials said the study tour was arranged directly by the dzongkhag and not routed through the ministry. “We will meet today to discuss how we can pursue this case,” an official said.

Tashi Dema


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