A 24-year-old Bhutanese student allegedly committed suicide in Fukuoka, Japan. The body was found at a park in Fukuoka, Japan yesterday morning.

The foreign minister, Dr Tandi Dorji, said that officials from the labour and foreign ministries were working on providing assistance to the parents of the victim. “As we speak, officials are working especially, on bringing the body back to the country.”

He said that the labour and the foreign ministries were working closely and evaluating the programme as there seemed to be issues especially related to insurance such as sickness and death associated with the programme.

He said that the parents of the deceased were contacted. “We are also working closely with the officials based in both Japan and New Delhi, India through foreign ministry. As soon as there is more information, we will keep updating.”

The male student was in Japan since October, last year through the ‘earn and learn’ programme.

Information on the incident is sketchy but sources said that the student was missing since December 4 morning.

Staff Reporter