Book: Dedicated to His Majesty’s 37th Birth Anniversary, a book documenting Bhutan’s journey after His Majesty The King was enthroned was launched on February 22.

“Bhutan’s Crowning Glory” is about the journey of a King and His people in the last ten years.

The achievements of His Majesty The King have been segregated under the four pillars of GNH. The book contains a special section on Kidu and His Majesty’s actions, which makes His Majesty the People’s King. Anecdotes of kidu beneficiaries are also found in the book.

“It is difficult to find a book that documents His Majesty’s reign. I took up the task; it was not a task but an opportunity,” said the author Ugyen Tenzin.

On the cultural front, the book describes His Majesty’s Coronation and the symbolism. The Royal Wedding, Birth of The Gyalsey and His Majesty The Fourth King’s 60th Birth Anniversary are also prominently mentioned. Diplomacy and the Indo–Bhutan Treaty of Friendship, signed at the historic Hyderabad House in 2007, is also mentioned.

The goodwill earned beyond Bhutan; His Majesty’s humility winning the hearts of people is also covered in the book.

The author, Ugyen Tenzin said that after one year, the book will be revised and then put online.

Staff reporter