Thinley Namgay

A solo Bhutanese art, ‘Tiger series’ is being exhibited at Grosvenor Gallery in London, England, since yesterday.

A 29-year-old artist, Zimbiri, painted the arts as a part of Asian Art in London and it will be exhibited until November 20.

Zimbiri’s paintings consist of a series of tigers with different facial expressions and suggestions of temperaments.


Zimbiri with her paintings

The exhibition brochure stated that she used the tiger as a symbol with multiple connotations and mythical references. “Not only does it exude strength and power, but fragility, and precariousness in the complex dynamics between man and nature,” it stated.

It also stated that tigers are indigenous to the Himalayas. “Zimbiri depicts them from the blending of realism as well as imagination, as brave and fierce spirits, which makes portrayals of them highly desirable.”

Zimbiri said that the contemporary art scene in Bhutan is fairly new but growing. “I believe we have many talented artists, but lack many key components like galleries, critics, curators, and auction houses for arts to truly take off.”

Born and raised in Thimphu, Zimbiri completed her undergraduate studies from Wheaton College and MA with a double major in Economics and Fine Arts.

“Growing up in Bhutan, I was surrounded by brilliantly creative people, but it was just something they also did, a hobby.  Most importantly my parents, whose encouragement and support allowed me the freedom to paint with my heart. My culture is a great source of inspiration for me,” she said.

Zimbiri also worked on a series of paintings that are an exploration of traditional Bhutanese paint (saa-tshen) and imagery.  She exhibited her solo exhibition, ‘Faces’ in Bhutan and India in 2015, and ‘Found Icons’ in Thimphu in 2017.  She has been also a member of group exhibitions within the country and abroad since 2014.