Nim Dorji | Bumthang

The cordyceps has been affected by the Covid-19.

The bidder attending the cordyceps auction have drastically decreased compared to the previous years.

Only 10 bidders attended the cordyceps auction in Chhoekhor gewog in Bumthang yesterday.

The price of the fungus has also decreased. Bidders say that because of Covid-19 pandemic they could not export the fungus.

Tenzin, a regular bidder, said that the price of the fungus had decreased compared with last year. This is because most of the bidder did not turn up fearing how they might be able to sell even if they can buy.

Most bidders have old and unsold stock.

Tenzin said that he sold the cordyceps outside, but this year, he had to export through Bhutan post. So, for 250 grams of cordyseps, Nu 8000 is charged as postal charge.

“I could send to the only those whom I know if not there are chances of not getting the money, “ said Tenzin

Another bidder, Dophu, said that the tourists were one of the main buyers, but with no tourist coming, there was no buyer. “I bought 14kg cordyceps last year at Nu 1.04M, which is left unsold. The same grade I can get at Nu 0.03M. I will bear the loss should I sell at the current rate.”

Yesterday, 4.6kg cordyceps was withdrawn from the auction due to low price.

The highest price for a kg of cordyceps was Nu1.01M and the lowest 41,000 a kg.

The auction will end tomorrow.