Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party President Neten Zangmo and other senior members submitted the Letter of Intent to the Election Commission on August 19 evening. 

The team offered prayers and butter lamps at the Semtokha dzong before presenting the documents to the election commission. 

The letter of intent consists of a tentative list of all 47 candidates, party membership from across the 20 dzongkhags representing regional, generational and gender distribution, a press release states.

“BKP is all prepared and ready to embrace the national elections starting with the first presidential debate scheduled on August 26.”

The party has appointed coordinators in all the dzongkhags and they were well briefed on their responsibilities. 

The party also submitted a copy of its manifesto, which highlights 100 percent irrigation, reducing nepotism and discrimination in the civil service while rewarding meritocracy and talent. 

“The document also highlights home ownership for civil service, private and the corporate sector,” the party’s release states. 

Private sector development and youth employment are important priorities bringing them both in the fore of development. “We will formally launch our manifesto soon,” the press release states. 

Staff Reporter