Connectivity: Blacktopping of nine gewog centre (GC) roads in Trashigang are underway and on track. Blacktopping of two roads: the 8.5km Radhi and 6.52km Phongmey roads were completed in June.

Of the five packages under Udzorong, blacktopping of the fourth package has been completed and work on the other packages has started.

Work on the third package of the Kangpar road has also been completed with only 30 percent of progress achieved on the remaining two packages. In the case of the Lumang road, drainage works have been done. Wet Mix Macadam (WMM) has been laid for the Bidung GC road.

Works on the Bartsham GC road, which had to be re-tendered last year, has also begun with 50 percent of WMM laid. With the permanent works like construction of drains, retaining and breast walls completed, laying of WMM for the Thrimshing GC road is in progress.

Meanwhile, blacktopping works for Samkhar and Shongphu GC roads have been tendered out and the projects will be awarded soon.

Officials from the Department of Roads’ regional office in Trashigang said works on the Merak and Sakteng roads will start later because the estimated budget for the two roads exceeded the limit set in Project Tied Assistance (PTA) and Small Development Project (SDP) grants.

“Donors have to be secured for these roads. Works might probably start in the next two years,” said executive engineer Cheki Wangchuk. “Because Khaling and Kanglung GC roads are only a few hundred metres from the highway, the dzongkhag administration didn’t handover.”

Tshering Wangd | Trashigang