Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Sakteng GC road is among the few gewog centre roads in Trashigang that remains to be blacktopped.

More than Nu 90 million has been allocated in the current plan to blacktop the 30km road from Dogorom to Sona Bridge.

Sakteng Gup, Sangay Dorji said that going by the work progress, the completion of the project could take some time.

“There are frequent slides and roadblocks,” said Mangmi Lhendup.

Travel time from Sakteng to Trashigang is expected to be shortened by about an hour after the road is blacktopped.

Residents of Sakteng say that the road also needs widening.

The road also stands to improve access to markets and benefit the people of Thongrong, Yarbrang and Phinsong in Phongmey gewog and Dogorom and Saling in Bidung gewog.