A 33-year-old man from Ramjar gewog in Trashiyangtse has died after debris from blasting works along the Chazam-Trashiyangtse highway struck him on March 1.

According to sources, the incident happened around 2:30pm when he went fishing with three other men along the Drangmechu.

It was learned that the deceased was standing on a rock when they heard the blasting sound from the other side of the river. The deceased was hit by debris on his chest.

Medical officials say forensic examination indicated that the ribs of the right shoulder clavicle bone were fractured and right lateral chest was in abnormal shape.

It was reported that no other physical injuries were observed besides the laceration from the stroke.

The body was handed over to the father of the deceased.

Meanwhile, Department of Roads (DoR) conducted the blasting works to clear a boulder at a place around 7.5km from Chazam towards Doksum.

The area is the same location where a huge boulder closed the highway on two occasions last year. Hundreds of vehicles remained stranded on either side of the block since yesterday afternoon.

While some commuters returned to take the detour route from Bartsam-Ramjar-Doksum via Riju in Trashigang, many had to spend the night inside the vehicles.

A truck driver with Kholongchu project, Thinley, said that without additional fuel to take the detour, he had to spend the night inside the truck. “Everything is calculated for us. Returning to Trashigang wasn’t an option,” he said. “Moreover the truck was heavily loaded so we had to spend the night at the site.”

Two elderly women who had come from Samdrupjongkhar to visit the on-going Chorten Kora festival had adjusted themselves inside a bolero pick-up with three other passengers.

“DoR should have given prior notice of such blocks,” said another passenger. “It would help us plan our trips better.”

DoR officials from the regional office in Trashigang said that the clearing of the boulder was expected to complete in few hours. Clearing works began early on March 1. The road opened to traffic at 3pm yesterday.

Younten Tshedup | Trashigang