About 80 independent sales representatives (tshongdrel ngotshab) are today operational across the country to provide financial education and guidance to avail services provided by Bank of Bhutan (BoB).

A tshongdrel ngotshab is an independent individual or an agency appointed by the bank as a sales and marketing representative. The sales representative will be responsible to educate customers on the services and provide personal assistance in availing. For this, the bank will pay commissions and bonuses to the agent.

Pema Tobgay, a retired radio producer who worked at BBS also registered with the bank as an agent. “Many people cannot always make it to the banks but with us, the services can be taken to them. The amount we earn solely depends on how much we work.”

An employed or an unemployed person can be the bank’s sales representative. However, he or she will have to be at least 25-years-old, have good communication skills, and be literate.

A class XII graduate Nima Dema is a housewife.  She said that the bank has provided training for two days on the types of services available for customers along with the means and criteria to avail to it.

She added that they were also briefed on earning commissions and bonuses. “Instead of just staying home, being a tshongdrel ngotshab would help me earn.”

The bank will review the representatives’ performances and their agency ship will be renewable annually. The initiative is expected to help people be more financial literate and help empower them financially.

BoB’s Chief Executive Officer, Pema Nadik, said that the public for some reasons are hesitant and are also engaged in their personal works to visit the bank and avail its services. “We have had a couple of events in the past and especially during the loan festival, we realised that people are hesitant to come to the banks.”

A person can register with any BoB branch across the country to be a tshongdrel ngotshab. BoB will review the documents before appointing them.

Phurpa Lhamo