With Bank of Bhutan (BoB) introducing ‘banking on wheels,’ yesterday, people can now avail basic services including opening bank accounts, accepting loan applications, cash deposit/withdrawal, account balance enquiries, and fund transfers among others without visiting the bank.

A press release from BoB states that the service would be provided by a mobile van travelling to various areas in Thimphu on a fixed weekly schedule to provide banking services to the community in the particular area.

“Banking on Wheels provides basic banking facilities from a mobile van equipped with computers and other equipment capable of providing banking services like any branch of the bank.”

BoB’s Chief Executive Officer Pema N Nadik said he is certain that the initiative would go a long way to increase convenience for customers by providing basic banking facilities at their doorstep, saving both time and money.

“It would benefit everyone as they need not go to the bank for daily basic banking transactions such as withdrawal or deposit of cash. The bank will come to them instead,” said Pema N Nadik.

The press release also stated that the bank officers manning the vehicle would also help clients in creating awareness on the bank’s products and services. “Banking on wheels is a part of the financial inclusion initiative of the bank.”

Staff reporter