The body of the retired colonel who was reported missing from Thimphu more than two months was found yesterday.

According to sources, yak herders saw the decomposed body of the 55-year-old hanging from a tree about an hour’s walk from Hongtsho Trashigang Goenpa in Thimphu.

Although the investigation is yet to be completed, an official from the forensic department at the national referral hospital said that going by the physical condition of the body, the man has been dead for about six weeks.

The official said that they identified the deceased from the citizenship identity card found in his purse. “It is yet to rule out, but we suspect suicide,” the official said.

The retired officer from Samkhar in Trashigang went missing since October 9 after he left home in the early morning to circumambulate the National Memorial Choeten. The same evening, his car was found abandoned at Dochula.

Staff reporter