Accident: Phuentsholing police are investigating the cause of the death of a woman, whose body was found in the Toorsa river on July 19.

An Indian fisherman spotted the body on the bank of the river and reported it the to Jaigaon police.

A police official said that the Jaigaon police informed the Phuentsholing police that the deceased could be a Bhutanese national.

The deceased was identified as a 28-year-old woman from Dofam in Lokchina gewog, Chukha. She lived with her maternal aunt in Bangay bazaar in Phuentsholing.

The official said that an Indian national, a domestic worker who frequently goes to the aunt’s house identified the woman.

According to the aunt, the deceased is mentally unstable and leaves home frequently.

The police official said that according to medical findings, the woman had an un-natural death. However, except for a nosebleed, no signs of external injuries were found on the body.

“She may have fallen into the river accidentally,” the official said. “According to what we have heard, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for the woman to commit suicide.”

The aunt told police that the deceased was behaving normally the previous day. However, she went missing from home the next morning.

Police recovered a handbag, a voter’s card and a mobile along with the body.

The body was handed over to the aunt and it was cremated on July 20.

Dechen Tshomo