Economy: The long-awaited Bongdema Industrial Estate in Mongar saw some development with the inaugural of a bridge and an access road construction on May 10.

Without a bridge and an access road, the department could not allot plots to the developers. “This (bridge and access road) was a necessity for the Bongdema industrial estate,” said an official from the department, KB Biswa.

Once the road and bridge construction are completed, he said, basic infrastructure like electricity, water supply and other necessity infrastructure would be developed.

Saling gup Sonam Yeshi, said this would benefit the private sector. “This is one project which would foster economic development in eastern dzongkhags,” he said.

Locals believe that establishment of Bondeyma industrial estate, could provide employment opportunities for youth in the community.

The industrial estate was approved as a project tied assistance costing Nu 500 million (M). Over 110 acres of land had been demarked along the Kurichhu bank. The government of India has approved Rs 197M to develop the industry

Bongdema was also identified as special economic zone (SEZ), which would serve as a hub for wood-based industries.

By Tashi Phuntsho, Mongar