The gewog also doesn’t have an accountant

LG: For the last two years, Bongo gewog in Chukha has remained without a Gewog Administration Officer (GAO).

Despite several attempts to get a replacement, the place is not yet filled.

With local government elections nearing, Bongo gup Tashi Dorji said the gewog must have somebody to take the responsibility.

“My term is about to end now,” the gup said, explaining that the need of a GAO has become important to the people of Bongo.

Gup Tashi Dorji said the gewog administration faced several problems over the last two years without a GAO.

“I miss one responsibility, while participating in other,” he said.  “Bongo is a vast gewog with a large population that needs a lot of attention.”

With development work plans implemented through gewog administration these days, the gup said documentation was missing. Exchanges of important letters for official purposes such as supply orders and budgetary were missing.

Another challenge, the Bongo gewog office has faced so far is during visits made by important officials from ministries. As the gup attends to 23 scattered villages in the gewog, the office is left unmanned.

“There is no one in the office if I am out,” Tashi Dorji said. “That’s why having a GAO is crucial.”

Bongo gewog office, meanwhile, has tried several times to secure a GAO for the people. Right after their former GAO expired, gewog officials informed the dzongkhag office.

Nothing materialized. The gewog administration also raised the matter at the Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) twice but that request also went unheard. “After that I reported this matter to the secretary,” the gup said.

Bongo gewog office had also tried from the Prime Minister’s Office, following which the gup received a phone call. But the gewog is still without a GAO.

Compared to other gewogs, Bongo experiences more workload and gup Tashi Dorji said more activities would mean more risks.

The gup again discussed the matter with the Prime Minister during his recent visit and since then he has remained hopeful.

The largest gewog, meanwhile, also does not have an accountant. Darla gewog’s accountant is currently working for Bongo. The gup has to travel to Gedu or either Darla for help in anything related to finance.

Bongo has 710 households with a population of about 7,200. The gewog was approved Nu 16.78M for the current fiscal year (2015-2016), which is more than the budget approved for the last two fiscal year’s put together.

Rajesh Rai, Bongo