Phuentsholing’s core area faced electricity disruption for the last three days. The power went off yesterday morning and most of the town area had to bear the heat until 3pm.

The power supply problem started on August 5 when the transformer at a substation that supplied electricity to the core area stopped functioning.

Although Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) was able to supply during the nights, the power went off in the morning and affected most businesses.

A printing shop owner, Mani Gurung, said that although there were not huge losses in the shop, the work completely stopped without the electricity. “But power cut is not expected in a town like Phuentsholing in summer.”

An employee with the Loyal Photo Studio said that an entire day went on without any work. “Customers had come but there was no electricity,” he said.

Restaurants and hotels were affected. Lodging customers had also decreased in the last three days, some hoteliers said.

The general manager of Hotel Gamega, Khagendra, said he had to vacate the hotel.

“Guests complained,” he said, explaining the hotel had to shift the guests to other hotels with power access. “Some just left.”

Khagendra also said the swimming pool remained shut without the electricity.

To escape the day’s heat, most shops were also closed in the town until 3pm.

Meanwhile, BPC had brought another 500kv transformer to add to the previous two that made 900kv.

An official, Sonam Thinley, said the capacity has increased to 1,400kv with the new addition.

“This is still a temporary measure and we are observing how it works,” he said.

Before the problem started, BPC had 1,000kv transformer, which stopped to support the power supply. Sonam Thinley said the problem was caused due to overloading.

He said that after the transformer is repaired, BPC should also add up the extra 500kv to the 1,000kv to support the supply and control overloading.

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing