YK Poudel

For better taxi service and to curb the cases of theft and crime, Bhutan Taxi Association (BTA) has proposed to install CCTV cameras in taxis in the country.

There are over 7, 000 taxis in the country—2,186 are registered members of BTA.

According to the executive director of the Taxi Association, Tshering Penjor, BTA’s board approved the installation of CCTV cameras in taxis to address complaints of lost property and cases of sexual harassment.

“One approach to address the accusations against the taxi drivers, the rising criminal cases and theft cases in taxis is through the installation of cameras. With this initiative, we will be able to monitor and solve the problems efficiently,” he said.

He said that some passengers leave their belongings in taxis and accuse the drivers of stealing. The Association also receives complaints of sexual harassment of passengers.

“We will install three cameras in each taxi for which we expect financial assistance from the government,” Tshering Penjor said.

According to the taxi drivers, they encounter instances where they are alleged of sexual harassment of passengers for which the installation of the cameras would be beneficial on their part although “there won’t be privacy for the drivers.”

BTA plans to purchase 3500 cameras in its initial period which will assist in improving the security in the taxi.