Hi Sir,

Since I cannot afford to buy supplements, could you recommend the cheapest source of protein available locally? 


Hi Singey,

First and foremost,​ let me inform all budding weight trainers and future bodybuilders that “supplements” are not absolutely necessary​. ​It is convenient to carry, consume and digest, ​but ​it does not have any muscle building properties that betters food.

So for all those people who cannot afford supplements don’t be disheartened, do not fall for the false advertisements promising you the world if you consume their protein or supplement.

Supplements has its place but if you are not consuming enough food as your foundation you are losing out.

As a student ​,​ I was always cracking my head and going to extreme lengths to find the cheapest source of muscle​-​building foods locally.

Protein sources:

​Canned tuna from India, dry meat, dry fish​.​ ​Keep in mind dry meat and fish has at least twice the amount of protein because of their dehydrated state.


​Any type of rice, post workout glucose found at the local pharmacy.


​Peanuts and olive oil are the cheapest.

So if you consume all of these foods in each of your meal 3-5 times a day​,​ you have all the basic nutrients to repair and build muscle.

Tshering Dorji
(Health & Fitness Guru. Three times Mr Bhutan) For queries email at


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