Hi sir,

I am a big fan of yours. I would like to ask you what are the best exercises to build big arms and a six-pack abs? 


Hi Tashi,

The two most common mistakes I have seen people make when trying to build or improve their arm development are.

Over training: 

Common sense would say that if it’s weak than train them more, whether it means doing more volume or training it more frequently. But in reality it doesn’t work like that, at least not for mere mortals like us.

We must remember growth does not happen at training. On the contrary, training is catabolic and destructive. It’s only positive when it’s backed by sufficient nutrients to heal and repair. This process, which is complete only at rest, rest from training and deep sleep each night. If you can’t recover you can’t grow!

Using too much weight: 

Ego lifting will get you only the admiration of fools at the gym! And it will certainly introduce you to injury. Using your back, poor technique and momentum to lift heavier weights does very little for your arm development.


My advice for building a better pair of arms:

Chase intensity not volume of training, meaning do less but give it everything you have at that very moment.

Make sure your technique is perfect. The goal is to isolate your bicep and Tricep to make them grow, as they are already involved in very heavy in multi joint movement like presses and rows.

Combine free weights and pulley work for best results. Train between 8-20 repetitions for maximum growth

I highly recommend barbell curl; dumbbell preacher curl, cable preacher curl and concentration curl for biceps.

I highly recommend dumbbell Tricep extensions, cable press-down, rope press-down, bar dips for Tricep.

We are all individuals, so there is no one answer for us all, try a method/exercise and give it time, hold on to what works for you, and drop what doesn’t.

Tshering Dorji
(Health & Fitness Guru. Three times Mr Bhutan) For queries email at


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