Staff reporter

Lam Neten with dzongrab of Bumthang and Trongsa will open the vaccination programme in Bumthang and Trongsa.

As of yesterday evening, 12,162 people had registered for a vaccine under Trongsa dzongkhag.

There are 27 vaccination posts in Trongsa, of which 6556 are male and 5606 are female.

More than 100 de-suups and around 30 health officials are being deployed for the vaccination programme.

The dzongkhag received 12120 Vaccines and it’s all dispatched to the respective gewogs.

In Bumthang, there are 27 vaccination centres. As per the dzongkhag health officer, 40 de-suups, 27 health staff, and 5 support staffs are deployed for the vaccination programme. There are also 11 Red Cross volunteers.

At Wangdicholing hospital, the Lam Neten of Bumthang will be the first to receive the vaccine.

In the gewogs, local leaders will get the first shot of vaccine.

Bumthang received 11,020 doses of vaccine. More than 10,000 people have registered for the vaccine.